Cellphones have become an essential tool in our social life and are even more important in our work life. Today's companies depend on communications to provide the clientele with the best service and modern consumers expect instant solutions to their queries. Email is just as important as voice now inside them for hours access to the internet at all times is imperative for most people.
Rugged Mobile Phones
Technology has certainly managed to move on a long way in the last Ten years and mobile phone and internet devices are readily available and they work well. Most people have email on the go now as well as internet along with the days of the cellular phone with just calls and texts are virtually gone.

Once we become more reliant on such a instant service it seems like to be a major problem when our phone develops a fault or if we break it. The modern smart phones have much bigger screens now which can make them much easier to break.

Lots of the phone manufacturers making the effort to make more robust phones and most are using a hardened form of glass called gorilla glass. This has helped and for most users this really is enough protection for phone. For those how take time and effort on their phones including manual or construction workers, something a great deal stronger is required. They need a phone that is waterproof, dustproof and waterproof and producing this type of phone presents a significant problem for manufacturers.

Numerous companies have tried to produce this type of rugged phone however , only Samsung and JCB are making anything that is up to the job. Samsung were the first one to market and they keep making a small range of rugged phones i would consider to be decent. JCB have taken the task one step further by producing a huge selection of this type of phone like the first ever phone that really floats. Snopow Australia Rugged Smart Watches

The JCB range extends to 8 models, all of these have military specifications on water and dirt proofing. They have also attended extra mile and joined with Motorola to make a full android model you can use for email and access to the internet.